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October 25, 2007

The Best of Kingdom People: 6-10

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Since Kingdom People is turning 1 this week, I’m taking a break from new posts and “rerunning” links to the top 25 most visited posts from the previous year. We’re in the Top Ten now… each of these are posts that created a lot of comments. Join in the discussion.


#6. Why “Limited” and “Unlimited” Atonement Debates Miss the Point

January 5, 2007

When asked on my Systematic Theology exam what I believed about the “extent” of the atonement, I answered by questioning the question itself. There’s no right answer, because it’s not the right question. Once my exam answer was posted on the blog, it elicited some good comments and feedback.


#7. Rethinking Our Vocabulary: Personal Relationship with Jesus

July 23, 2007

My earliest contribution to SaidatSouthern got people talking. Check out some good discussion about our Christian vocabulary.


#8. Paul Negrut Accused of Plagiarism

February 28, 2007

In late February, Corina and I were surfing a Romanian tabloid’s website and we found a news story accusing Romanian evangelical leader Paul Negrut of plagiarizing his Ethics course. I had taken the course in 2004 and knew the accusations were false. By telling the other side of the story, I managed to quell the furor that was soon to erupt once the ABP published the story.


#9. Newsflash! The Key to the 20Somethings is Not Musical Style

October 2, 2007

The most recent post to make the Top 25. My comments on the elusive 20somethings crowd quickly got linked all around the world by likeminded 20somethings (and some older Christians who were glad to see us speaking up).


#10. It Is Finished!

April 2, 2007

Some quiet and brief reflections on Jesus’ last words from the cross. Whoever said that only scandalous posts generate traffic? My thoughts on “It is Finished” remained in my Top Ten Post list for months.



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  1. I really enjoyed your post on the key to 20something. Why is it that the 30something find it hard to understand that the 20s are not as interested in the musical style?:)I can’t believe there is such big difference between these generations! Anyway, you did a great job.

    Comment by Mark — October 25, 2007 @ 11:08 am

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